Przemek Sobocki

Graduated as an Interior Designer at Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, studying also Fashion Design, then moved to London and eventually ended up in Tokyo. For his first illustration story the TOUCH for 125 magazine he receives Best Editorial 2005 at V&A Illustration Award, UK. Since then he works internationally as an illustrator and art director. Belongs to AVGVST management.

Bearable Lightness of Being with Angela


Dear K.,

You know that I have got just an amazing “resources” /if I can say this way/ of amazing people I am surrounded. And it is not only about brief and exciting encounters but rather about people who let me in to their life`s, and in the same way I could open myself a little bit more as well. I am lucky. I am blessed. I guess that is one of the main reasons I have started writing to you. Again. Though I miss you badly too. Maybe I was just looking for some excuse. Never mind. Sentiments. Silly.

Angela again. She is one of those people who really “rocks” in a super soft way. She`s got this one-of-kind dignity, being special and untouchable but in the same time super approachable person – well you think this way but you know that you are getting only as far as she allows you. She is a real Angel. She was always super nice to me but I could feel the distance – she was always “hiding” something or herself perhaps, till the moment suddenly she opens another door and you find yourself almost dangerously-too-close to her. She is a real secret. Unpredictable in a way and even we have known each other for a while we still discovers ourselves. We talked about many obvious topics /like family, our backgrounds etc/ with quite-delay, I mean topics you are usually talking about at the beginning of getting knowing somebody. But we managed to be close in a different way. Which way? I cannot really describe it now. It is almost like entering our “houses” from the kitchen door first. I guess we both shows only what we want to show to others, even close friends, it is still real and frank but lots of stuff is hidden. We don`t talk we just smile – as I always say. At least I felt that way. Love her wit. Love her smile. Love her story about refined tea /I`d love to try it one-day/. Love her.

Angel, officially and finally, has started her ownBLOGcalledTUNE UP/atAMEBA/, in the same letting people to have a quick look to her a bit more private apartments. I was honoured to design the header with photo by Joy Yoon. And recently she sent me a link with her new video and YOGA. I knew that every year she spends around a month on her Greek-Secret-Island practicing Yoga but basically we have never really talked much about it. Well, I also knew that at the time she is particularly super-happy. And then one day Angel sent me her new video and two things became ONE: project called AWAKENING /with photographer NAOKI/. Another discovery, another door was opened. More or less at the the same time a good friend of mine from New York started talking about her Yoga classes encouraging me to do so the same, then there was another friend who tried to take me for a class in all of sudden and… I gave up: I put YOGA on my must-list for this 2011 year. Please watch AWAKENING – it is all about lightness, thoughtless awarness of your body, of everything. Almost bodiless. Or maybe rather about acknowledging your body again. Slowly. Gradually. Again. Is this one of the state with meditation when you are becoming real-me? Let it all flow. Let it go. Let it be. Just inspiring.

Yours Always,

p   xxx


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