Przemek Sobocki

Graduated as an Interior Designer at Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, studying also Fashion Design, then moved to London and eventually ended up in Tokyo. For his first illustration story the TOUCH for 125 magazine he receives Best Editorial 2005 at V&A Illustration Award, UK. Since then he works internationally as an illustrator and art director. Belongs to AVGVST management.

Diesel`s darker side


In the far-away-location in Tokyo [read: TABLOIDDiesel presented its new capsule collection of bags and accessories by new-in-da-house Nicola Formichetti and his golden touch. In a very bondage setting – really impressive indeed – you could see also bondage inspired pieces – edgy, sharp and  very modern. And then there was the party, with neons, fury floor, naked or almost naked leather-strapped girls, in a very high heels and also with whips, dancing by the walls or inside a huge cage stage, and some of them even fighting too, with black and red – very”sexy” catering, live gig by Brooke Candy and lots of other VIPs watching it and etc etc. The event had many layers visually, emotionally, personally and more… darker as well, when you could see yourself and others a bit differently. Great. Dark. Night. And congratulations to Nicola and Diesel.

And to get even more excited check Tumblr as creative force #Dieselreboot and the whole DIESEL campaign shot by one and only Nick Knight by… iphone!!! All on SHOWSTUDIO.

personally it was one of those dream-alike-nights when you know all is real but is it? when you stuck in a hot-crowd-of-people while you can`t even find yourself alone, when you think you took lots of cool photos of cool ppl and then most of them are blurred and too dark and the best ones are with the food…

black & red chocolate

Brooke Candy live

the fight

and I brought to the Diesel redness a bit of blue of Aloha from Deer from collection #by_pxIwonka which I`m quite proud of – soon on by_P atORIGAMI

and Yoshiko – partly my partner in crime for the night…

… also shot by Mai chan


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