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Graduated as an Interior Designer at Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, studying also Fashion Design, then moved to London and eventually ended up in Tokyo. For his first illustration story the TOUCH for 125 magazine he receives Best Editorial 2005 at V&A Illustration Award, UK. Since then he works internationally as an illustrator and art director. Belongs to AVGVST management.

Love for Japan, Heart Breaking and Silly Arguments


Dear K.,

The last week was just scary and heart breaking – and still is. We all know Japan will not be the same any more and all of us here are different now. All what we can do it’ s just simply carry on what we do and support this country and its people as much as we can – mostly those from North parts and those who lost their close ones. It is still so painful and to be honest I was not really able to write to you earlier and just simply to talk about it.

Many of my friends left Tokyo to Osaka or Kyoto or other places in south Japan, and I do not blame them. Many of them had scheduled holidays for this long 3-days weekend and due the closure of some companies they just left earlier. And there were many with children and pregnant women who should leave Tokyo in my opinion anyway, just in case – especially the little ones are so far more “sensitive” for “the bad weather”. And there were many who left who’ s got not that much to do in Tokyo those days /no work, no particular projects going on/ so what is the point to stay when you can refresh yourself a bit for few days and most of all calm down. And those who left “stirred” by the panic of apparently-everyone-is-leaving-now thanks to their governments and media and UNCONFIRMED and gossipy news and pseudo-facts. Who knows where true is? I can understand you are worry but PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THINGS WORSE /that`s mostly for FRENCH, with my deep respect to many of you, including some of my friends/ – it is just very upsetting. To some of you please watch footage from the North and if somebody s got the PROBLEM now with capital “P” it is definitely not you. And to those who stayed: you are not HEROES in particular either, so do not act like them. Today a dear friend of mine told me that she read on Facebook that somebody said that those who had left Tokyo should not to come back – if that’s correct – it’ s just AWFUL, not-to-call it … . Myself I was invited by some of my great friends /THANK YOU SO MUCH/ to leave for Kyoto, Osaka, Kurashiki and even Fukuoka but I had a reason to stay. And at the very certain moment when my leave was almost certain /though still unconfirmed/ I realized how much Tokyo is dear to me. A big Wake Up. It was like you are in a long relationship with someone, with Ups and Downs, but when you are about to lose this person you feel how much you in Love with Her/Him. Well, not so sure but maybe ‘coz of I am Polish my patriotic genes got woke up. Weird feeling.


the BEAUTY is still here: Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo, last weekend


Anyway, NO MORE negative vibes and silly arguments. Everyone had the reason to leave and the reason to stay and it is all FINE. All we can do is just really support in literary ANYWAY those in a real NEED right now. Let’s make our life better again here. It sounds so ……hmmm…….. but Japan needs us now – more than ever before. For me and for many of my friends Japan became our HOME and I think we own to IT a lot. We are in a great “debt” to this country. And it is time to pay it back.

oh dearest K., It was a real humble lesson for all of us. I feel so Sad but so Grateful for what I have. It is amazing being here. And it is not even the country itself but the people, lucky me, I met here. I am sure you miss it too. I know you. And it might sound very weird but I feel more Polish now than ever before. It’s the genes thing. I am sure.

With still heart breaking thinking about all those form North-East, I will try to Be my Best again.

Yours Forever,

p     xxx

ps   I so`d love to post any image but nothing much comes up. Just the one to cheer us up.


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