Przemek Sobocki

Graduated as an Interior Designer at Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, studying also Fashion Design, then moved to London and eventually ended up in Tokyo. For his first illustration story the TOUCH for 125 magazine he receives Best Editorial 2005 at V&A Illustration Award, UK. Since then he works internationally as an illustrator and art director. Belongs to AVGVST management.

my first CD Jacket: for 曾軼可 Chinese singer and her latest album called FOREVER21


Dear K.,

How have you been? NO tiemto write, NO time to speak, And Time is just flaying away… as usual. There is so much happening around and when I am just about to type my head is just seems to be empty. Listening new album by Beyonce, actually I have never been into her music properly, you know that, but somehow she fits right now. Anyway, sending news about my new project which is my Very First cd jacket Ever – for young Chinese singer called 曾軼可 and her new album FOREVER21. It is not a typical cd packaging – it has a form of book with spongy-like made cover with my illustrated paper stap around it. I did also three other illustration inside the book. It is a photo collage with the pohotograph of the singer which her recording company provided. Sweet Collaboration and a Big Challange for me. Really enjoyed it!!!

another colour version

Talk to you soon,

p  xxx

PS Big thanks to my agent Jil from Jil Wu Artiste Asia.


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