Przemek Sobocki

Graduated as an Interior Designer at Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, studying also Fashion Design, then moved to London and eventually ended up in Tokyo. For his first illustration story the TOUCH for 125 magazine he receives Best Editorial 2005 at V&A Illustration Award, UK. Since then he works internationally as an illustrator and art director. Belongs to AVGVST management.

Sakamoto san + SalyuxSalyu + Towa Tei + Angel and more… and all in one summer day


Dear K.,

The summer slow s going to its sunset. Slowly. Gradually. And I feel a bit tired of it – as its start was far too early for me this year – mid May in Poland.
While most ppl around are leaving for their summer holidays I rather setting myself into working mood. However…

with my Angel – Angela enjoying Towa Tei at the right moment /photo by Satomi Yamauchi, thank you/


blue and blurry Towa Tei


I was invited by my Angel to have another glimpse of summer last Sunday – summer festival called WORLD HAPPINESS – with its highlights of Towa Tei /amazing, especially loved his remix of Rolling into Deep/ Ryuichi Sakamoto and his ever-resectful-over -hereYellow Magic Orchestra. The weather was boiling with some lightning in the sky n the evening. And there was also Saluy x Salyu – a singer , a project together created by SALYU and Cornelius. Very new, very conceptual, very interesting, very intriguing. And it really happens rare that I got an interest in the music /especially sang in non-English language/ from the very beginning. So there were those 4 little Japanese singers – looking identical – singing all together – each of them different thing and it worked. Later I found the review of the album Salyu X Salyu and foudn out that actually it is a one singer whose voice – to my big surprise – I knew already quite well as She was the one who sang as Lily Chou Chou in my-ever-beloved-Japanese-movie All About Lily Chou Chou by Shinji Iwai. It’s such an amazing coincidence. Tough I still love the movie I prefer Salyu in her latest project.

Oh well, old good memories,

p xxx

PS  Thank you Angel xox


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