Przemek Sobocki

Graduated as an Interior Designer at Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, studying also Fashion Design, then moved to London and eventually ended up in Tokyo. For his first illustration story the TOUCH for 125 magazine he receives Best Editorial 2005 at V&A Illustration Award, UK. Since then he works internationally as an illustrator and art director. Belongs to AVGVST management.

Tokyo Passport at 3331 Chiyoda Arts


Tokyo Graphic Passport is creative graphic design event whose motto is “Think, Touch and Talk” at 3331 Chiyoda Arts which just opened yesterday and will be held till 31st October. It is a third edition of the event which were already a guest in various cities around the world and which aiming in a cross-culture exchange through passion for graphic design. Apart an exhibition there are held workshops and lectures, including Michał Łojewski from Poland ( graphic artits and cofunder of anti-fashion brandUEG), “Everthing You Always Wanted To Know About Design, But Were Afraid To Ask” by Masayoshi Kodaira from Japan (graphic designer and art director), ” Dutch Type from The Hague!” by Anno Fakes from Netherlandes (director of VIDE – Visual and Individual Desidn Experience) to name few.



and curators themseves: Aleksandra Ubukata and Rene Wawrzkiewicz


UEG and its designer Michał Łojewski


The exhibition part including POLAND GRAPHIC DESIGN as well as NORWAY GRAPHICS /presenting POSTERS FOR JAPAN/. There is also opportunity to buy for a really good value posters by leading Japanese Designers: groovisionsHideki NakajimaNaoki SatoWOWtycoongraphicsSemitransparent DesignKatsunori Aoki and more. All goes to support Tohoku Relief Charity.

This year Tokyo Passport was a guest at Pompidou Centre in Paris last September and now just moved to 3331 Chiyoda Arts and will resides here till 31st October. So Hurry Up!!!

More info you can fin at


curators behind NORWAY GRAPHICS:  POSTERS FOR JAPAN. Rico Iriyama with her business partner


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